May 29


Byline: The volunteer crew of Eastbourne inshore lifeboat (ILB) were kept busy on Sunday with three emergency callouts in addition to their routine training exercise
Page Content: Following their normal Sunday training the crew were re-launched to recover the body of a dog which had fallen from the cliffs at Belle Tout whilst chasing Gulls. The Lurcher was taken back to the ILB station where the distraught owner was comforted by the crew.

Later in the afternoon the ILB was launched to Pevensey Bay in response to 999 calls from members of the public. A dinghy sailor was in difficulties in the gusty wind conditions and was tipped out of her craft. A windsurfer had gone to the sailor’s aid but he too suffered a mishap when the mast of his craft separated from the board. The sailor, who despite being well equipped was suffering the effects of being in the water for a considerable time, was taken aboard the lifeboat. The windsurfer having abandoned his board and now in the dinghy was towed ashore by the ILB. Once ashore the lifeboat crew treated the female casualty for suspected hypothermia before passing her into the care of the ambulance service.

Shortly after returning to station the lifeboat crew were tasked again to Pevensey Bay because the windsurfer rescued earlier had put to sea in the recovered dinghy and was giving cause for concern to bystanders on the beach. The ILB stood by whilst the sailor made his own way ashore where safety advice was offered by the volunteer crew.      

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