Aug 26


Byline: At 2113 hours on Sunday 25th August 2013 Belfast Coastguard contacted Helensburgh RNLI Lifeboat, having received a report of a yacht aground on the Greenock Bank.
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The Coastguard had been unable to establish contact with the yacht on VHF and wished to check that the occupants were OK.  The lifeboat was launched and at 2132 hours the crew reported that they were on scene and had a visual sighting of the yacht.  As it was low tide, the lifeboat had to proceed with caution across the sand banks.  The casualty vessel, the 'Solas II', an 8 metre yacht with twin keels, had 6 persons on board; all were ok.  As the yacht's engine had failed, the lifeboat towed the Solas II back into deep water where it was towed to the James Watt dock by an acquaintance of owner. 

The lifeboat  returned to base and reported ready for service again at 2301 hours.

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