Aug 28


Byline: Both Eastbourne lifeboats were launched this afternoon following conflicting reports that a 6 metre sports boat had collided with Eastbourne Pier.
Page Content: Many members of the public contacted Dover Coastguard by dialling 999 when it became apparent that a small sports boat was in difficulties in the vicinity of Eastbourne Pier. Some reports indicated the vessel was being swept uncontrollably under the pier and had actually made contact with the structure. Initially Eastbourne RNLI’s inshore lifeboat was tasked to assist but as more reports were received by Dover Coastguard, with varying descriptions of the nature of the incident, such as colour of the vessel, location of the incident and indeed the number of persons aboard, it was suspected by rescue co-ordinators at Dover that another incident was taking place simultaneously. As a precaution Eastbourne’s all weather lifeboat was also launched. In the absence of coherent radio communications from the stricken vessel it was difficult to ascertain if another incident was taking place until the ILB was on scene. When contact was achieved, and with no other vessels in the immediate vicinity, and with the casualty vessel under tow by the ILB, it became evident the volunteer crews were dealing with only one incident. The tow was transferred to the ALB and the stricken vessel returned to Sovereign Harbour and the ILB returned to station.

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