Byline: Visitors aboard Eastbourne’s all-weather lifeboat during the annual open day at Sovereign Harbour had to be rapidly escorted ashore when the crew pagers summoned the volunteer crew into action
Page Content: Three reports of people in trouble came in quick succession. The first was when a local kayak hire firm reported that one of their craft was overdue. In worsening sea conditions concern was raised for the safety of the two inexperienced people aboard the craft. The inshore lifeboat was launched to search the shoreline from the hire centre near the Wish Tower west toward the Belle Tout lighthouse. Almost simultaneously, reports came in of two yachts in trouble further offshore.

Whilst the ILB was searching the shoreline, the all-weather lifeboat was launched to assist a lone yachtsman in a 40ft vessel which had lost engine power and was unable to negotiate the entrance to Sovereign Harbour. Fortunately a UK Boarder Agency Protection vessel was patrolling the area and was able to assist another single handed sailor who had been caught out by the rapidly changing sea conditions off Beachy Head. This vessel had sustained damage to its sails but was still capable of returning to harbour under its own power. The Border Agency vessel launched its rapid response rib which escorted the yacht back to harbour. Eastbourne ALB took the first yacht under tow and returned it to the outer harbour where it was passed to the harbour workboat. While all this was going on the ILB was still searching for the missing kayak. Eventually it was located ashore at the western end of Eastbourne seafront. Mobile coastguard officers were informed and were despatched to give the occupants of the kayak some much needed safety advice and the ILB returned to station. 


Byline: Volunteer crew from the RNLI’s Barrow station launched both lifeboats at
Page Content: Liverpool Coastguard requested lifeboat assistance at 1-12am when the crew of a yacht which was moored in Piel Bight, near Barrow, saw two males fall from a dinghy into the sea. They managed to grab one man and haul him aboard, but the second male was swept away by the incoming spring tide.

The inshore lifeboat ‘Vision of Tamworth’ was launched at 1-20am and the all weather boat ‘Grace Dixon ‘ a few minutes later. The sea was calm with no wind, but high water of the 9.6 metre tide wasn’t expected until 2-42am. The inshore boat searched the channel nearest to Roa Island and the all weather boat headed up the channel towards Barrow Port, using her searchlights and high viewing position to search the sea surface.

At 1-40am the crew of Grace Dixon located and recovered the second man from the sea in the area of Barrow Docks, over 2 miles from where he went into the water. An ambulance crew had already been requested to attend the lifeboat station, to assist the first casualty who had by then been transported from Piel to the station by the inshore boat. Both men, who were from the Blackpool area, were suffering from shock and the effects of cold and were being treated by the lifeboat crews, who handed them over to the ambulance. They were then taken to Furness General Hospital for further assessment.

Both lifeboats were washed and rehoused by 2-25am.

Coxswain Shaun Charnley said, “These were very lucky men, thankfully both were wearing lifejackets. The crew of the yacht Boadicea did well to recover the first casualty and we launched quickly and found the second one over two miles away. If no-one had seen them enter the water it would have been a different outcome. We all feel pretty elated now having successfully got him out of the sea and given him instant treatment for shock and cold.”


Byline: At 15.13pm on August 25th, 2013 volunteer crew members from Criccieth’s RNLI lifeboat station were tasked to a serious incident involving two jet skis in the Porthmadog channel.
Page Content: The station immediately launched both lifeboats from Criccieth following reports of the collision between two jet skis near the Powder House at the entrance to the estuary.  As the station’s Atlantic 85 lifeboat, Doris Joan, arrived on scene a helicopter from  Air Ambulance Wales was providing medical attention to a woman suffering from serious leg injuries and a man suffering from head injuries.  The RAF’s Seaking helicopter from RAF Valley was also tasked to the scene.
With the station’s inshore rescue lifeboat also on scene, both were able to transfer other emergency service personal as required and keep the public at a safe distance.  A crew member from the Atlantic lifeboat was placed ashore to assist the medical teams in stabilising the causalities.
After being provided with on-scene medical attention, the woman was transported to Ysbyty Gwynedd by the Air Ambulance, whilst the man was taken in the RAF helicopter to hospital.
Once the lifeboats had been stood-down by HM Coastguard, they began back towards Criccieth only to be tasked to two other separate incidents.  The first required the Atlantic 85 lifeboat to tow a broken-down jet ski, which had run out of fuel south of Harlech, back to Black Rock beach; whilst the second incident involved the inshore rescue boat following reports of a missing child on Black Rock sands who was found safe and well ashore.
For further details, please contact Ifer Gwyn, Criccieth Lifeboat Press Officer on 07554445316 or ifergwyn@hotmail.com 


Byline: RNLI Angle’s all weather lifeboat was launched in the early hours of Saturday (24 August) to search for a drifting missing yacht, which it was feared could pose a danger to shipping in the Milford Haven Waterway.
Page Content: The Tamar class lifeboat Mark
was launched at 12.06am, at the request of Milford Haven Coastguard,
and conducted a radar search of the port’s East and West Channels, but nothing
was found.

The lifeboat then continued towards Dale to search between
the moorings and at 12.56am found the yacht on the south side of the bay, where
she was fouled up with another mooring.
The Mark Mason
transferred the owner, who was on board his friend’s yacht, back to his vessel.
The lifeboat was then released and returned to her station at 1.16am.
It was the second night-time call-out in 24 hours for the
all weather lifeboat.
On Friday, the Mark
was launched at 1.32am after a 10.3m yacht, with two persons on
board, went aground off the inner pontoon at Dale.


The yacht’s crew were concerned for their safety and asked
to be taken off.

Once on scene, at 1.44am, the lifeboat deployed her Y boat and
evacuated the crew. The Y boat then returned to the yacht and secured her to a
nearby mooring. 
It was decided that the lifeboat would remain on scene until
there was enough tide to start to refloat the yacht. At 3.52 am, with
sufficient tide around the yacht, her crew were placed back on board and the
owner checked his vessel for any water ingress and damage. Nothing was found
and the yacht’s crew were happy to remain on board until she refloated. 
The lifeboat recovered her Y boat and, as no other
assistance was required, she returned to her station, where she was rehoused at
4.34am, after over three hours at sea. 
In the third call-out to a yacht in three days, the all
weather lifeboat launched at 7.37pm on Wednesday (21 August) to a 7.3m vessel
one mile south of Sheep Island, near the entrance to the Milford Haven Waterway.
The yacht, with two persons on board, was low on fuel due to
a leak and was becalmed.
The lifeboat was on the
scene in ten minutes and took the casualty under tow to the entrance of Milford
Docks. There, the tow was released and the yacht made her own way into the lock
Once the casualty was safely alongside the pontoon, the lifeboat returned
to her station and was rehoused at 9.10pm. 
Note to editors 
The photograph shows RNLI Angle’s Tamar class all weather lifeboat Mark Mason.

Photo: RNLI Angle.

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Byline: At 1.05pm on August 23rd, 2013 volunteer crew members from Criccieth’s RNLI lifeboat station were tasked by HM Coastguard to go to the assistance of a broken down speedboat in the Porthmadog channel.
Page Content: Immediately following the launch request, the lifeboat station despatched its Atlantic 85 class lifeboat, Doris Joan, which was quickly alongside the casualty vessel.  The speedboat, which had one adult and two children aboard, had suffered complete engine failure near the Number 6 buoy in the channel.  The vessel had earlier launched from Porthmadog harbour.
Its owner had wisely despatched the speedboat’s anchor overboard whilst awaiting rescue, however a strong ebbing spring tide was carrying the vessel away from the relative safety of the deeper water.  The lifeboat’s crew promptly established a towing line and led the speedboat to Black Rock sands for recovery.
By coincidence, two of the speedboat’s occupants had already required the services of Criccieth’s RNLI lifeboats this summer.  The two children aboard the vessel had some weeks previously been among a group of teenagers airlifted off a rocky outcrop near Borth y Gest.  Before the RAF’s arrival on-scene, they had been cared for by the lifeboats’ crew.
For further information, please contact Ifer Gwyn, Criccieth Lifeboat Press Officer on 07554445316 or ifergwyn@hotmail.com  


Byline: “Dave” the dolphin (changed to “Davina” once the gender of the mammal was known) was taken out to sea, accompanied by Rhyl’s All-weather lifeboat
Page Content: The all-weather lifeboat was tasked to assist in the releasing of the dolphin in to the open sea, after it had become disorientated and swam up the river Dee nearly to Chester. The mammal was carried to a point 6 miles north of Rhyl, and then both Flint and Rhyl crews got the dolphin into the water and gradually released it.


Byline: Even at the end of a busy day, there is no respite for the volunteer crews at Rhyl’s RNLI lifeboat station
Page Content:

At 8.53pm on Wednesday 21 August, The station manager at Rhyl was paged for the All-weather lifeboat to launch.Rhyl’s volunteer lifeboat crew were paged at 8.55 pm to go to the aid of a wind farm support vessel after smoke was detected in its engine room.  
During investigation of the smoke, one of the vessel’s crew sustained a minor injury which was monitored and treated onboard by the wind farm’s own Emergency Response Team. 
The lifeboat came alongside and three crew went on board the vessel to assist the emergency team until the arrival of a helicopter from RAF Valley. The injured person was airlifted and taken to Bodelwyddan hospital. 
The lifeboat then accompanied the wind farm support vessel into Rhyl Harbour.  This was undertaken at slow speed and successfully done by 11.20pm. As all was well, the lifeboat crew returned to station by 00.30 in the morning. 
Rhyl’s coxswain Martin Jones says—
“ All the emergency teams at sea and in the air worked well together to achieve a safe and speedy outcome to this call.”}

Further info from Rhyl Press officer Paul Frost on 07894 105165.


Byline: A dolphin which had become stranded on sandbanks in the River Dee has been released into deeper water. Flint RNLI lifeboat launched at around 11.30am this morning and proceeded to Airbus UK’s loading facility, just downstream from Saltney Ferry.
Page Content:

The dolphin was in difficulty and required help to reach deeper waters.

With a representative from British Divers Marine Life Rescue on board to monitor its condition, the volunteer crew put the dolphin inside a stretcher and transferred her into the lifeboat.

The Flint inshore RNLI lifeboat headed towards Rhyl and was met by Rhyl all-weather lifeboat and the crew worked together to help release her in to deeper waters at Rhyl Flats.

The rescue has caused quite a buzz on social media with a member of the public setting up a JustGiving site to raise funds to free ‘Dave the Dolphin’ to http://www.justgiving.com/DaveTheDolphin/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=fundraisingpage&utm_content=DaveTheDolphin&utm_campaign=pfp-tweet

Flint Lifeboat Operations Manager Alan Forrester said:

‘The interest and support the RNLI at Flint received during this rescue has been unbelievable. We are so pleased that the rescue came to a successful conclusion. I would like to thank the employers of all our volunteer crew for freeing up their staff to enable them to help out not only today but throughout the year.’

RNLI Media Contacts
For further information, please contact Danielle Rush, RNLI Public Relations Manager for Wales on 01745 585162 or 07786 668829.


Byline: Both of Ramsgate RNLI’s lifeboats attended Broadstairs’ Annual Water Gala on a gloriously hot and sunny Wednesday 21st. August.
Page Content:

Both of the lifeboats moored alongside the Jetty in Broadstairs’ Viking Bay (which is patrolled by RNLI Lifeguards) for some 3 hours during the high “spring” tide and were visited by 524 people of all ages who were shown around the station’s all weather Trent class boat by crew members.

The appreciative visitors donated a total of £250.90 towards RNLI funds and were still queueing and donating when the boats had to leave as the tide dropped. In addition to the boat being at the event members of the RNLI station’s fundraising branch “manned” a RNLI stall selling £287.75 worth of souvenirs. 


Byline: The Moelfre inshore RNLI lifeboat was launched just before 11.30am this morning (21 August) following reports that a 16ft inflatable had suffered engine failure.
Page Content:

The volunteer crew sprung into action after the vessel with Jennifer and husband Robbie Tickle on board began drifting towards Moelfre island.

The inshore RNLI lifeboat was launched and the vessel was towed back to Moelfre beach.

Shortly after the rescue, Jennifer posted a picture of the incident and tweeted:

‘Just been sea fishing with my hubby!! Needed to be rescued!!! Terrifying! Thanks so much RNLI!’

RNLI Coxswain Anthony Barclay was touched they had taken the trouble to thank the RNLI via the social networking site, he welcomed the opportunity to meet the couple.
He says:

‘At the time of the rescue we didn’t realise it was Jennifer on board, but after all the interest it has generated, I wanted to thank her for helping to raise awareness of the work of the RNLI charity and for showing her gratitude to the RNLI crew.

‘They had the misfortune of suffering engine failure whilst out sea fishing but were towed back in without any complications. We’re always happy to help when the call comes and never know quite what situation we may face.’

Media Contacts
For more information please contact Danielle Rush, Divisional Media Relations Manager (Wales and the West) on 01745 585162 or 07786 668829, email danielle_rush@rnli.org.uk or contact RNLI Public Relations on 01202 336789