Oct 27


Byline: The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) has urged people to heed safety warnings ahead of potentially storm-force winds forecast for some regions tonight.
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The charity’s volunteer lifeboat crews are on call 24/7 around the coast of the UK and Ireland, but are hoping they won’t be required to launch.

Colin Williams, RNLI Regional Operations Manager, said: ‘The forecasters have given us plenty of warning so hopefully people will be doing the sensible thing and staying away from the sea tonight. I know many boat owners are busy making their vessels secure and ensuring they are in a safe harbour. We would advise everyone to follow this course of action when severe weather warnings have been issued.

‘The worst of the storm should hit overnight so we are not expecting too many people to be out and about at the coast. However, we would urge anyone by the sea, on cliffs, jetties and any other exposed areas at the coast to be extremely cautious. The sea is always unpredictable but there will be big seas tonight with large waves washing over piers and promenades. These could easily swamp people and wash them out to sea.

‘RNLI lifeboat crews are on standby 24/7 and will respond if they receive a call for help, whatever the weather. However, I’m hoping our pagers will be quiet tonight because people have heeded all the warnings and stayed at home.’

If the storm is followed by flooding, the RNLI Flood Rescue Team will also be on standby to help people at risk in flooded areas.

Further beach and sea safety information can be found by logging on to the RNLI website, rnli.org.uk

RNLI media contacts
For more information call Alison Levett, RNLI PR Manager on 07786 668912.

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