Byline: On Saturday 23rd August, Aberdeen Coastguard requested the launch of Invergordon RNLI Lifeboat with the volunteer crew tasked to a disabled yacht, which had become dismasted.
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Sailing vessel Shoshoni with her 2 crew became dismasted approximately half a mile out with the Sutors, and required assistance. Aberdeen Coastguard requested the launch of Invergordon’s All-weather Trent class Lifeboat Douglas Aikman Smith at 2.43pm reaching the stricken vessel just after 3pm.

With 2 lifeboat crew transferred to assist with the recovery of the broken mast, a tow was established to the Shoshoni, and a passage was made back to the safety of Cromarty Harbour. The lifeboat was back along side and refuelled, and ready for service by 5.15pm  

Thursday 28th August around 4.17pm the volunteer crew pagers again activated to what was a similar incident; a 32ft yacht Swiss Roll had become dismasted 7.5 miles NE of Tarbetness point.  

Swiss Roll was on passage from Findhorn to Helmsdale when the mast failed. Once the lifeboat arrived on scene, a volunteer crewmember was transferred over to aid the recovery of the mast and sail from the water.  

Fishing Patrol vessel Minna which was on patrol close by also came to assistance, with the lifeboat requesting the 47m (154ft) patrol vessel to provide a lee whist the recovery operation was undertaken and a tow established due to the weather conditions.  

Once a tow was established, Invergordon Lifeboat made her way to Cromarty Harbour where local coastguard were awaiting on to assist with the berthing of Swiss Roll.  

The Lifeboat then returned to her Invergordon West Harbour berth and was made ready for service by 10.45pm.

RNLI Media Contacts: Michael MacDonald, Invergordon volunteer lifeboat press officer, 07751 204647. ​


Byline: At 2042 hours on Thursday 28th August 2014 Helensburgh RNLI lifeboat was launched to go to the assistance of a person on a jetski that had developed mechanical problems and broken down while on passage from Helensburgh to Dumbarton.
Page Content: The lifeboat crew located the jetski in very shallow water between Ardmore Point and Cardross and towed it back to Rhu. 


Byline: At 1003 hours on Tuesday 26th August, 2014 Helensburgh RNLI lifeboat was launched after Belfast Coastguard was advised that a 15 metre motor cruiser had report engine problems.
Page Content: The crew of the vessel had dropped anchor outside the navigation channel close to Custom House Quay, Greenock.   The lifeboat was alongside the vessel at 1014 hours and, after rigging a tow line, took it back to the James Watt Dock where repairs could be effected.  Once the vessel was secured alongside, the lifeboat returned to base, reporting ready for service again at 1121 hours.


Byline: At 3.00pm on Wednesday the 27th of August, 2014 volunteer crew members from Criccieth’s RNLI lifeboat station were tasked to assist two people in difficulty near Morannedd Rocks, Criccieth.
Page Content: The casualties were reported as being in difficulty aboard their kayak a few hundred metres offshore, in choppy seas.  By the time the crew had mustered and launched the station’s Atlantic 85 class lifeboat, Doris Joan, they had been thrown off their craft and were in the water.

The crew were quickly on scene and made sure both persons were able to swim ashore to be checked over by the awaiting Criccieth HM Coastguard team.


For further information, please contact Ifer Gwyn, Lifeboat Press Officer & Crew on 07554445316 or 


Byline: RNLI Angle’s all weather lifeboat was alerted on Tuesday (26 August) to go to the aid of a yacht in danger of dismasting 34 miles south south east of St Ann’s Head.
Page Content: The Tamar class relief lifeboat, Peter and Lesley-Jane Nicholson, was launched shortly after 2.30pm and reached the casualty vessel, which had one person on board, at 4pm.

After discussions with the yachtsman, it was decided to allow the yacht to remain under her power and for the lifeboat to escort her to Milford.

At the entrance to Milford, the yachtsman told the lifeboat he no longer needed assistance. So, with the agreement of Milford Coastguard, the lifeboat was released to return to her station after 6.5 hours at sea.

It was the second call-out in four days for RNLI Angle. On Saturday, the all weather lifeboat was launched at 4.37pm after a report that 2 people were cut off by the tide on Gateholm Island, near Marloes.

The lifeboat reached the scene in 27 minutes. The casualties were recovered by the lifeboat’s Y Boat and taken ashore, where they were met by Coastguard Rescue Officers.

As the lifeboat was recovering her Y Boat, a Coastguard Rescue Officer noticed a group of people who looked to have been cut off by the tide further along the coast.

The Y Boat was re-deployed and her volunteer crew went ashore to give the group of 16 advice on the tides and assist them around to the next beach, where they would be safe.

After recovering her Y Boat the lifeboat returned to her station, where she was rehoused at 6.15pm.

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The yacht which was escorted to safety on Tuesday by RNLI Angle’s all weather lifeboat.
Photo: RNLI Angle.

RNLI media contacts: For more information please telephone Ted Goddard, RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer, Angle, on 01437 763675 or Danielle Rush, Public Relations Manager (Wales & the West) on 07786668829 or 01745585162 or by email: or RNLI Public Relations on 01202336789


Byline: Ramsgate RNLI’s inshore lifeboat (ILB) was called out three times on Tuesday 26 August.
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At 11:55am the ILB was launched to a small 6m boat, with two people on board, which had broken down and was taking in water at the River Stour entrance in Ramsgate’s Pegwell Bay. The boat was towed to the lifeboat station but after being moored sank suddenly before the ILB crew could get aboard with a pump. The casualty was lifted sufficiently to enable the salvage pump to clear water from it and once re-floated it was lifted out of the water by the harbour’s travel hoist.

At 3:24pm the ILB launched to investigate a report of a red flare in Pegwell Bay. The crew searched the area thoroughly until notified that the red flare had been let off accidentally. The ILB then returned to station and the call treated as a false alarm with good intent.

The third call at 9.46pm was to assist a person who had fallen off a boat moored in Ramsgate’s inner harbour and could not get back on board. As it was low water the ILB could not get into the inner harbour but dressed in their dry suits and life jackets the crew quickly went to the scene to give assistance. On arrival they found the fire and rescue service and paramedics already on the scene and the person safely out of the water.

RNLI media contacts
• John Ray, Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer (Ramsgate Lifeboat)
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• Tim Ash, RNLI Public Relations Manager (London/East/South East)
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• James Oxley, RNLI Press Officer (London/East/South East)
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• For enquiries outside normal business hours, contact the RNLI duty press officer on 01202 336789


Byline: At 1538 hours on Sunday 24th August, 2014 Helensburgh RNLI lifeboat was launched after Belfast Coastguard was advised that 2 jetskis were in trouble off Custom House Quay, Greenock.
Page Content: The lifeboat crew found one jetski towing the other which was obviously sinking.  Two adults and one child were on the operational jetski which was struggling to make headway.  One adult and the child were taken on board the lifeboat and the sinking jetski taken in tow while the other adult made his own way back to Coronation Park, Port Glasgow.  Although chilled, none of the casualties required medical attention.  Once back at Coronation Park, the lifeboat crew helped to get the sinking jetski ashore and then returned to base.


Byline: During high tide on Sunday 24 August both of Ramsgate RNLI’s lifeboats moored in the tidal inner harbour in support of the annual ‘flad week’ collection, attracting much attention.
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Earlier in the day the inshore lifeboat had been out escorting entrants in the town’s Swimming Club’s annual Ramsgate to Broadstairs swim. At 1.45pm, shortly before the lifeboats were due to leave, a request was received from the Coastguard for the all-weather lifeboat to go the assistance of 10m barge with engine overheating problems and currently under tow by a local yacht 15 miles east of Ramsgate. As the lifeboat was leaving the harbour piers, however, the crew noticed people aboard a small speedboat waving for assistance.

With the barge in no immediate danger the lifeboat quickly towed the speedboat, which had one child, four adults and a dog on board, safely into the marina and immediately resumed its journey to the barge. On reaching the casualty the lifeboat took over the tow from the yacht and towed it safely into Ramsgate Harbour, arriving at 4.25pm.

RNLI media contacts
• John Ray, Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer (Ramsgate Lifeboat)
07759 480825 /
• Tim Ash, RNLI Public Relations Manager (London/East/South East)
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• James Oxley, RNLI Press Officer (London/East/South East)
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• For enquiries outside normal business hours, contact the RNLI duty press officer on 01202 336789


Byline: Volunteer crewman from the RNLI’s Barrow station launched their all weather lifeboat early this morning, Monday 25th August 2014, to go to the assistance of a disabled yacht in the Irish Sea
Page Content: Information came at 3-10am from Liverpool Coastguard to the effect that a 40 foot yacht with six persons on board had suffered an engine failure in the Irish Sea, 6.5 miles due west of Walney Island. The crew were paged at 3-13am and the lifeboat was launched by 3-27am with seven crew members aboard under the command of Barrow Coxswain, Shaun Charnley.

At the time of the incident the weather was fine and dry with a gentle breeze, the tide was ebbing and low water expected at 6-39am at a height of 1.6 metres.

The lifeboat was at the scene by 3-55am and Coxswain Charnley took the casualty vessel under tow for the return journey to the safety of the casualty mooring at Roa Island. The vessel was safely moored at 6-30am and the six persons were taken off and landed on shore.

The lifeboat was then washed off and re-housed and made ready for the next service by 7-30am.