Byline: At 12.40am on September the 30th, 2014 volunteer crew members from Criccieth’s RNLI lifeboat station were requested to launch their inshore rescue boat to assist a young woman stranded on a parapet of Britannia Bridge, Porthmadog.
Page Content: ​The woman, who had entered the water sometime earlier, was cold and wet.  Other emergency services in attendance had been unable to reach her given her position and the high tide. The crew towed the station’s inshore rescue boat, Margaret a Nantw, to Porthmadog by road and launched on the inland side of the bridge – launching quickly after their pagers had sounded.

The lifeboat was eased into the water down a steep embankment before proceeding the short distance towards the casualty.  She was bought safely ashore by the crew.  The crew then returned to the bridge to bring ashore a fireman who had climbed down to a location near the woman.
The young woman was passed to the care of Criccieth’s​ HM Coastguard team and an awaiting ambulance.
For further information, please contact Ifer Gwyn, Press Officer & Crew at Criccieth Lifeboat Station on 07554445316. 


Byline: On Saturday 27th September, 2014 Belfast Coastguard received a call from the wife of a man who was stranded on his yacht which was on a mooring in Portkill Bay.
Page Content: Apparently the vessel had broken free from its mooring earlier and had drifted onto the shore. The owner had managed to get it refloated and back onto a mooring however then had no means of getting ashore.  His wife, who was on the beach, was concerned that he might attempt to swim ashore.  The lifeboat launched at 0212 hours and transferred the man from his yacht to Kilcreggan pier.  The lifeboat returned to station and reported ready for service again at 0309 hours.


Byline: Volunteer crew from the Barrow lifeboat station tonight, Saturday 27th September 2014, launched both the all weather and inshore lifeboats following information from Liverpool Coastguard that cries for help ad been heard by fishermen
Page Content: The information was received at 9-50pm from the Coastguard,  to the effect that two fishermen had reported having been placing out long lines on the west side of Walney Island in the area of Biggar Bank when they heard cries for help from the shoreline. It was thought that they may have come from a person in the water.

The inshore lifeboat was launched at 10-02pm manned by three crew with Deputy Second Coxswain Dave Kell in charge, and  the all weather Tamar class lifeboat followed shortly afterwards at 10-05pm with six crew aboard under the command of the Station Coxswain, Shaun Charnley.

The weather was fine and dry with good visibility and no wind. The spring tide was flooding with a high water of 9 metres expected at 1-09am.

The inshore lifeboat arrived at the scene at 10-25pm and the crew made contact with the mobile team of Furness Coastguard who had arrived to commence a shore search of the tideline. The lifeboat fired white parachute flares to illuminate the scene and travelled up and down the shallow waters near the shore. Meanwhile the larger all weather boat used her powerful floodlights to assist in the search and being much higher out of the water than the inshore boat, she was able to obtain a better field of vision and she searched further into the deeper water.

The Millom Coastguard mobile team arrived and joined in the search whilst potential witnesses ashore were spoken to.

Following a thorough search of a wide area of both the sea and the shoreline, no people were found and no further shouts were heard, so Liverpool Coastguard gave the instruction to stand down. Both lifeboats returned to station and were washed down and re-housed by 12-30am.

John Falvey, Barrow lifeboat spokesman said, “With a flooding tide anyone in the water would have been pushed by the tide towards the shore. The lifeboat and coastguard crews carried out a thorough search and nothing was found, so we believe it to have been a false alarm with good intent”.


Byline: A single handed sailor calls for help after chest pains.
Page Content: The Plymouth RNLI were called out last night (26.09.14) to a position some two nautical miles south west of the Edison Lighthouse. A single handed yachts woman sailing an 8.3 metre sailing yacht was reported to be suffering potentially serious medical problems. After a consultation via radio with on-shore medical personnel a decision was taken to launch the lifeboat.
At 8.30 p.m. the pagers of the volunteer crew sounded the alert and then shortly after the all-weather lifeboat Sybil Mullen Glover put to sea.
Upon arriving on scene the sailing yacht was found to be in disorder with loose sails flapping and a rope caught around the propeller. Two Rnli personnel crew were immediately put aboard the boat and there found below in the saloon a woman who was clearly in medical distress. The decision was then quickly made to transfer the casualty to the lifeboat in order that she could be cared for and receive first aid.

Leaving two of it’s crew on the casualty’s’ boat, the Plymouth lifeboat then made a dash for it’s berth at Millbay marina and a waiting ambulance.

Note to Editors
For local information Barry Perrins  Plymouth lifeboat Volunteer Press Officer  07790033796  or barryperrins@yahoo.com