Byline: The Director of Community Lifesaving and Fundraising for the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution), Leesa Harwood, recently visited Rhyl lifeboat station on a fact-finding visit to North Wales.
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Leesa has recently become responsible for all the RNLI stations around the coast and inland waters of the UK and Ireland. As part of her duties, she has been visiting stations to fact-find and to “get a feel” for the diversity of the stations and their individual needs and issues. This will eventually lead her to be able to consult with her fellow board members to decide the most efficient and cost-effective methods to provide rescue at sea and on our beaches.

As a result of an invite from Rhyl’s Coxswain Martin Jones at a recent conference event, Leesa agreed to come to Rhyl, to see for herself what the region’s lifeboat crews have to deal with on their section of the coast. In 2014, Rhyl was the busiest station in North Wales, and the second busiest in Wales. 

Leesa was met at the lifeboat station by Lifeboat Operations Manager Darrel Crowther, who took her on a tour of the boathouse and the harbour, also showing her the local offshore windfarms. She then had a question and answer session with the crew, before moving on to the “Cob and Pen ” public house for food and drinks. Before the crew left the boathouse, Leesa was presented with a framed photo of Rhyl’s all-Weather lifeboat, “Lil Cunningham” by Coxswain Jones.

The following morning, Leesa chaired a meeting at Rhyl lifeboat station for the Operations managers and full-time crew from the stations at Llandudno, Conwy, Rhyl, Flint, West Kirby andf Hoylake. She wanted to find out the grass-roots thoughts from local crews regarding the way forward for the RNLI, to discuss possible improvements, or where the RNLI is doing the right thing.

Leesa also visited the new lifeboat station at Moelfre prior to her visit to Rhyl.

The pictures show

  1. Leesa with Rhyl crew on her visit to the station ;
  2. being shown a video on Rhyl’s recent rescues made by crew member Callum Robinson;
  3. being presented with her framed photo by Darrel Crowther(left) and Martin Jones outside Rhyl station;
  4. and with the Operations managers and crew from flank stations.

Leesa says ” I am very pleased to visit North Wales in my role as RNLI director, and thank Rhyl Coxswain Martin Jones for his kind invite to Rhyl”.


Byline: RNLI Angle’s all weather lifeboat was alerted on Friday night (February 20) to go to the aid of a motor boat which had fouled her propeller off Hazelbeach, near Neyland, on the Milford Haven Waterway.
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The Tamar class lifeboat Mark Mason was launched shortly before 10pm and found that the 6m vessel, with one person on board, had fouled her propeller on a tug mooring.

The vessel’s outboard engine was already raised and the propeller was visible, so the lifeboat’s Y Boat went alongside the casualty to assist in the removal of the rope.

With the propeller now free and the motor boat’s engine working, the lifeboat and Y Boat escorted the casualty to Neyland. There, the Y Boat assisted the occupant in securing the vessel safely to the pontoon.

The Y Boat was recovered and the lifeboat was released at 11.32pm to return to her station, where she was rehoused shortly after midnight.

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RNLI media contacts

For more information please telephone Ted Goddard, RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer, Angle, on 01437 763675 or Danielle Rush, Public Relations Manager (Wales & the West) on 07786668829 or 01745585162 or by email: or RNLI Public Relations on 01202336789



Byline: RNLI fundraiser Alex Ellis-Roswell has arrived at Angle lifeboat station, putting him a step closer to completing his gruelling 6,500 mile challenge around the UK coastline.
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The 24-year-old fundraiser, who left his home at Canterbury, Kent, in August, is currently visiting Welsh lifeboat stations during his venture, all in aid of saving lives at sea.

The challenge, ‘Long Walk Round’, is expected to take two years to complete and has already raised over £2000 for the charity. 

RNLI Angle Coxswain Lewis Creese said: “We welcomed Alex to the lifeboat station late on Thursday afternoon (19 February). He enjoyed a rest day at Angle on Friday and resumed his walk on Saturday morning. He’s taking on an amazing challenge – all to help us save lives at sea.”

Alex said: “RNLI lifeboat crews save on average 23 lives at sea every single day.  In my opinion, they’re heroes. They put themselves right in the thick of what is Britain’s most unforgiving environment – our sea.’

You can follow Alex’s journey around the UK by visiting his facebook page or donate by visiting

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For more information please phone Ted Goddard, Lifeboat Press Officer, on 01437 763675 or Eleri Roberts, RNLI Press Officer on 01745 585162 / 07771 941390.  Alternatively contact the RNLI Press Office on 01202 336789.


Byline: Lymington RNLI Lifeboat station which is 50 this year – is proud to announce the imminent arrival of its new state of the art inshore lifeboat.
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The Atlantic 85 (registered number B-882 named ‘David Bradley’) is due to arrive on Friday 20th. 

The 8.5m Atlantic 85 which is similar to that already in service at our flank stations (at Mudeford and Calshot) has twin powerful immersion proof engines, Direction Finding and Radar capability as well as the latest updated Chart Plotter and Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) equipment.

The last launch of the long serving 7.5m Atlantic 75 (B-784, ‘Victor “Danny” Lovelock’) will take place early on Thursday morning to allow the new trailer to be delivered into the boathouse for initial recovery preparations.   ‘Victor “Danny” Lovelock’ will then lie afloat over the weekend continuing to provide on call cover until formal transfer of responsibility has been completed.

Upon arrival on Friday, the ‘David Bradley’ will be recovered into the confines of the boathouse using the enlarged trailer to allow the crew to carry out a weekend of equipment familiarisation.  On satisfactory completion of the training, David Bradley’ will be accepted onto the station as the crew member that makes every shout!

David Bradley was the head of the Baltic Exchange freight market between 1998 and 2008 and a member of the Royal Lymington Yacht Club.  The new inshore lifeboat has been funded by generous donations to his Memorial Fund set up on his sudden and unexpected death in the summer of 2008. 

A formal naming ceremony will take place later in the year with details of this being published when known.

Note to Editors:

• No changes have been necessary to the Bath Road Boathouse since this was built in 2006 future proofed for the transition from Atlantic 75 to the Atlantic 85. 

• Media opportunity to view the new boat will be offered in the coming months.

• Lymington RNLI station will commence its anniversary year events in May 2015 celebrating 50 years of saving lives in the western Solent, the Needles channel and the western end of Christchurch Bay.  Further details of these events will be published shortly.


RNLI media contacts
– Peter Mills, Lymington Lifeboat Press Officer,
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-Tim Ash, RNLI Public Relations Manager (London/South East/ East)
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Byline: John Barton from Dunsforth North Yorkshire recently celebrated his 80th birthday but, rather than receive presents, John asked family and friends if they could instead make a donation to the Amble RNLI Shannon Lifeboat Appeal.
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John regularly visits the Northumberland town as his wife Helen is from nearby Wittingham and they have family and many friends in the area. During a recent trip to Amble John made a visit to the lifeboat station and was shown aboard the current Mersey Class all-weather lifeboat by the former Lifeboat Operations Manager Rodney Burge. John was so impressed with what he saw and heard about the RNLI that he decided that he would help by raising some money for the Amble Shannon appeal, which aims to raise £200,000 towards the cost of a new lifeboat. John thought a great way to help would be by asking his family and friends rather than give him birthday presents, instead would they like to make a donation to the Shannon appeal. A party was held to celebrate John’s birthday at the village hall in Great Ouseburn North Yorkshire. It was attended many members of Johns family and friends, and through their generosity they raised £1,100 for the Amble Shannon appeal.

Rodney Burge from Amble RNLI said: ‘All RNLI volunteers from Amble, crew and fund raisers would like to thank John and the many people who gave so generously for the appeal.  We hope that John and his wife Helen will visit the station for a tour around the new Shannon lifeboat when it arrives in late 2017.’

Amble’s current all-weather Mersey class lifeboat The Four Boys, will be nearing the end of her operational life in 2017 and the £2M Shannon class lifeboat which will replace her is the RNLI’s next generation all-weather lifeboat. It is the most agile in the charity’s fleet and is the first modern RNLI all-weather lifeboat to be propelled by water jets and not propellers. Capable of 25 knots, the Shannon is 50% faster

For more information please contact Amble Lifeboat Press Officer Alan Stewart on 07919 924704 or email


Byline: Margate’s RNLI inshore lifeboat has taken part in coast search after an unaccompanied dog was seen in a distressed state near the clifftop at Kingsgate leading to fears that its owner may have fallen over the cliff.
Page Content: Kent Police received a call yesterday evening (Saturday 14 February) from two member of the public reporting that a dog was in an agitated state at the cliff top near the Botany Bay Hotel Kingsgate. There was concern that its owner may have fallen over the cliff.

Dover Coastguard were alerted and Margate’s RNLI inshore lifeboat, along with the local coastguard rescue team were tasked to carry out a search of the area. The lifeboat checked the bays and caves between Botany and Kingsgate Bays and then stood by while a member of the coastguard cliff team was lowered through the caves in the cliff to check any concealed areas. Nothing was found and the search units were stood down, the member of the coastguard cliff team returned to Margate on board the lifeboat. It is considered the call was a false alarm.

Peter Barker, deputy launching authority Margate lifeboat said: “Dogs are known to have a second sense when a human gets into difficulties and it was feared that its owner may have fallen over the cliff in the dark. There was genuine concern and it was important to check out all possibilities.”

Notes to editors
• Margate lifeboat station has been operating since 1860. To learn more about the lifeboat station go to

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• James Oxley, RNLI Press Officer (London/East/South East)
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• For enquiries outside normal business hours, contact the RNLI duty press officer on 01202 336789


Byline: Friday 13th. February was changeover day at Ramsgate lifeboat station when the reserve lifeboat based there for the last 18 months was exchanged for a later model.
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The replacement Mersey class lifeboat 12-005 ‘Lady of Hilbre’ arrived on the back of a low loader and was exchanged, with the aid of the harbour’s boat hoist, for 12-001 ‘Peggy and Alex Caird’ which, after 28 years of service, was to be taken to the RNLI’s HQ at Poole in Dorset to be sold. The Mersey class of lifeboat is often launched off a trailer or down a slipway and not kept afloat like Ramsgate’s larger station Trent class lifeboat and whilst at the station the reserve boats are kept ashore on the quay beside the boathouse. Although at Ramsgate for only a short time ‘Peggy and Alex Caird’ will be long remembered at the station as it formed a backdrop to and appeared in many pictures taken of last year’s inshore lifeboat naming ceremony.
As well as maintaining a fleet of boats allocated to lifeboat stations the RNLI also has a reserve fleet to cover for station boats of each type should they suffer damage, equipment failure or need to go away for more major maintenance. These boats, when not in use, are kept at locations around the coast where they are maintained for service by the local coxswain and mechanic.

RNLI media contacts
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• Tim Ash, RNLI Public Relations Manager (London/East/South East)
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• James Oxley, RNLI Press Officer (London/East/South East)
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• For enquiries outside normal business hours, contact the RNLI duty press officer on 01202 336789


Byline: RNLI Angle’s all weather lifeboat was alerted on Sunday (February 8) to assist in the recovery of a dog that had fallen over the cliff at West Angle Bay.
Page Content: It was the first call-out of the year for the Tamar class lifeboat Mark Mason, which was launched shortly before 3pm. She reached the scene in 5 minutes and found that the local Auxiliary Coastguards had located and repositioned the dog to the base of the cliffs.

The lifeboat’s Y Boat was launched and went ashore at West Angle beach to collect the owner in order to calm the dog down due to its ordeal.

At the base of the cliffs, the dog and the Coastguard ‘cliff man’ were recovered and, with the animal’s owner, were landed safely on West Angle beach.

The Y Boat then returned to the lifeboat, which was stood down at 3.29pm to return to her station for rehousing at 3.42pm.

Note to editors

The picture shows RNLI Angle’s Tamar class all weather lifeboat Mark Mason.
Photo: RNLI Angle.

RNLI media contacts

For more information please telephone Ted Goddard, RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer, Angle, on 01437 763675 or Danielle Rush, Public Relations Manager (Wales & the West) on 07786668829 or 01745585162 or by email: or RNLI Public Relations on 01202336789