Byline: The Volunteer crew of Invergordon RNLI were pleased to receive a donation of £1500 from Boskalis Westminster Limited on the success of their safety programme SHOC – Safety Hazard Observation Card.
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Westminster are currently undertaking dredging works in the Cromarty Firth and
as part of this years safety programme Invergordon RNLI where chosen to receive
such a fantastic amount of money.


receiving the Cheque from Jeff Manning Bokalis Works Manager and Willem van
Wijngaarden Bokalis  Project Manager is
Andrew Murray, Invergordon RNLI Coxswain with the Volunteer crew standing
behind, on board the Trent Class All-weather Lifeboat.


MacDonald, the Lifeboat Press Officer advised, “This is a great amount of money
to be donated from such a worthy cause, which also promoted safety within the
Boskalis Westminster company, for this we thank everyone involved in helping
raise such a great amount and it will certainly help save lives at sea.”


van Wijngaarden advised “As part of Boskalis Westminster’s safety
programme, NINA – No Injuries No Accidents – anyone working for or with us is
able to identify and report potential hazards or risks, suggest safety
improvements or report positive safety observations by completing a SHOC. The
reported issue is actioned immediately by a Project Manager or elevated to a
more senior level for action. All SHOC’s produced are reacted upon and feedback
given to the initial reporter to make sure that people know that they have been
able to make a positive impact on safety for themselves and those around them.

An annual Top SHOC prize is selected for the best suggestion for safety
improvement but it was also decided in our SHOC Forum in 2013 that, to further
promote and encourage the use of SHOCs, we would donate £10 to a selected
charity for each SHOC produced in the UK. We are glad to be able to support the
RNLI which was chosen as a worthy beneficiary close to our maritime heritage as
we are all aware of the possibility that we may require their services wherever
we work around the country.”

in 1933, Boskalis Westminster is one of the most experienced dredging and
marine contracting companies in the UK. With our group subsidiaries, we have
the capability to undertake any type of dredging and marine construction work,
including design. Capabilities include coastal and seabed protection, immersed
tube tunnel construction, rock and breakwater construction, environmental
projects, marine drilling and blasting, port and waterway engineering and
pipeline installation. 


Byline: Darlington angler, Michael Soley, paid a visit to Hartlepool RNLI lifeboat station on crew training night (Thursday 26 March 2015) to thank the volunteer crewmembers who rescued him after he was knocked over by a large wave and dragged into the sea.
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Michael and his father and brother had decided to have an afternoons fishing at the South Gare pier in Redcar on Saturday 21 March 2015.

An emotional Michael Soley said ‘We hadn’t started fishing when a first wave came over the pier and was washing around our ankles. Then we heard a loud thud and this huge wave came over us and knocked us off our feet. The others managed to catch hold of something but I got swept off the pier and into the sea.

I tried to swim back to the pier but couldn’t fight the sea and I started to panic. I heard someone shout ‘lay on your back’ which I tried to do but I was getting hit from all sides by the waves. The tide pulled me from the South Gare pier towards Redcar shoreline and then out to sea.

I remember laying in the water looking up at the sky and everything was going all peaceful and my eyes were shutting. All I could think about was my 8 year old son, Billy. He was supposed to be coming with us but decided to stay at home and play computer games with his friend.

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw the lifeboat I can’t remember what happened next but I woke up in hospital with heat packs all over me.’

Hartlepool RNLI volunteer crewmember Andy Johnson said ‘We were out training on our new Atlantic 85 ‘Solihull’ when we heard the call. We got to the scene in less than 5 minutes and saw Michael in the water. We later found out that he had been there for about 25 minutes. We had to go passed him and then approach him bow into the wave. As we approached Michael he was not responding and a big wave hit us and knocked three of us off our feet and onto the deck of the lifeboat. We quickly got back up and threw a line to Michael and shouted for him to grab the rope. Somehow he managed to do that and we pulled him onboard. He was given initial first aid and taken to a waiting ambulance by the Harbourmasters office on the River Tees which took him to James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough.’

Michael, who visited the lifeboat station with his family, said ‘I am so grateful to the RNLI lifeboat crews from Hartlepool and Redcar and I owe my life to them. I can’t thank them enough they were brilliant.’

Hartlepool RNLI Operations Manager Mike Craddy said ‘This is the sort of rescue our volunteer crewmembers train for every week so we can help save lives at sea. We were all pleased to welcome Michael and his family to Hartlepool lifeboat station and we are pleased that this time everything has ended well.’

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Hartlepool RNLI volunteer crewmembers Andy Johnson and Clare Gibbin with Michael Soley on the Atlantic 85 ‘Solihull’
• Hartlepool lifeboat station has been operating since 1803. To learn more about the lifeboat station go to www.rnli.org.uk/hartlepool
• www.rnli.org.uk/who_we_are/press_centre/videos/video_detail?articleid=321824&category=&region=&listing=
• A photo of Hartlepool’s Trent lifeboat can be viewed at www.rnli.org.uk/who_we_are/press_centre/photos/photo_detail?articleid=321704

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For more information please telephone Malcolm Wallis, RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer on 07538 006694 or malcolmwallis@sky.com or Alison Levett RNLI Media Relations Manager North on 07786 668912 or alison_levett@rnli.org.ukor contact RNLI Public Relations on 01202 336789


Byline: The Duke of Kent today became the first member of the Royal Family to visit the RNLI’s lifeboat station on the iconic Cobb in Lyme Regis.
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His Royal Highness met members of the volunteer crew, chatted with fund-raisers over a cup of tea and visited the charity’s hugely successful  shop next to the lifeboat station.
The Duke, who is President of the RNLI, viewed the station’s Atlantic 85 class lifeboat, Spirit of Loch Fyne, on the harbour slipway  and met members of the crew in the boathouse.
Later he toured the lifeboat station and saw a display of art by pupils from the Woodroffe School, Lyme Regis, and Charmouth Primary School.
He also met volunteers who run the  RNLI shop  and members of the Lyme Regis and Charmouth RNLI Guild, who organise fundraising events including the annual Lifeboat Week.
The Duke’s last port of call was the charity’s shop which has consistently been among the top RNLI retail outlets in the country.
In the shop he met two  long-serving volunteer assistants Gwyneth Barker and her husband Denis.
Gwyneth said:”The Duke was very interested in the shop, and asked about  the wide range of goods we sell.  He said he was very impressed with what he had heard about the success of the shop.”
Lifeboat Operations Manager Grahame Forshaw, who hosted the Duke’s visit said: “ The Duke was particularly interested to hear about the crew and their occupations, and how they combine their work  with their voluntary duties with the RNLI.
“He also showed a great interest in the station as a whole  and was particularly keen to hear about our training  methods.”


Byline: Eastbourne’s all-weather lifeboat went to the assistance of an 18 metre yacht which had run aground early this morning (26 March) whilst leaving Sovereign Harbour
Page Content: Shortly after 8am the lifeboat was requested to launch to assist the yacht which was firmly stuck in the mud in the entrance channel to the marina. Unable to free the vessel without risking damage, the volunteer lifeboat crew deployed anchors both fore and aft to secure the yacht to await the flooding tide. The six people on the casualty vessel opted to stay aboard whilst the lifeboat returned to station to keep watch with the crew remaining at immediate readiness. Later in the morning, when the water level had risen sufficiently, the ALB returned alongside the yacht, recovered the anchors and towed the vessel to deeper water. Having checked to ensure there was no damage the yacht continued on its passage to Ramsgate.


Byline: The national chairman of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute, Mr Charles Hunter-Pease, stopped off at Hartlepool RNLI lifeboat station as part of his visits to RNLI lifeboat stations between Hartlepool and the Humber.
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Mr Hunter-Pease met volunteers from Hartlepool RNLI’s Management Committee, the fundraising Enterprise Branch, and volunteer crewmembers. Mr Hunter-Pease spoke for about an hour about the RNLI and answered questions from the volunteers.
He asked the volunteer crewmembers about the new Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat that had come on service on Saturday (21 March 2015) and was pleased to hear good reports of her performance. Mr Hunter-Pease congratulated and thanked the crew for their good work on the recent rescue of a fisherman in the water near to South Gare, three hours after the lifeboat came on service.

Mike Craddy, Hartlepool RNLI Operations Manager, said ‘We were very pleased to welcome Charles to Hartlepool lifeboat station and proud to show him round the station and the lifeboats and he said he was pleased to meet so many of our volunteers.’

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1 Hartlepool RNLI Operations Manager, Mike Craddy, welcomes RNLI Chairman, Charles Hunter-Pease .

Left to right   Hartlepool RNLI Coxwain, Robbie Maiden. Hartlepool RNLI Operations Manager, Mike Craddy. RNLI Chairman, Charles Hunter-Pease. Hartlepool RNLI Mechanic, Gary Waugh and Hartlepool RNLI volunteer crewmember, Liam Dunnett.

•  Hartlepool lifeboat station has been operating since 1803. To learn more about the lifeboat station go to www.rnli.org/hartlepool

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Byline: Hartlepool RNLI’s new Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat was called into action three hours after going into service. Hartlepool RNLI volunteer crew members went to the assistance of a man in the water near to South Gare pier.
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Hartlepool RNLI volunteer crewmembers were putting the new Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat through its paces on exercise when a call for help was heard on the radio. HM Humber Coastguard tasked the inshore lifeboat to go to the assistance of an adult male who had been washed off the South Gare pier whilst fishing.

Hartlepool RNLI volunteer crewmembers were exercising at the entrance to the Hartlepool channel at 2.40pm and quickly responded to the call and arrived on scene at South Gare at 2.46pm to find a man in the sea about 20 meters off the pier.

‘The sea state was severe with a 4 meter swell and strong winds and the new inshore Atlantic 85 lifeboat responded well in testing conditions.’ said volunteer Helmsman Darren Killick.

Hartlepool RNLI volunteer crewmember Clare Gibbin said ‘We recovered the casualty from the water onto the Atlantic 85. He was in a semi conscious state and was suffering from the effects of the water and the cold. We administered initial first aid whilst taking the fisherman to the Harbourmasters office on the River Tees to be transferred to a waiting ambulance to be taken to James Cook hospital in Middlesbrough.’

The volunteer crew from Redcar RNLI also assisted at the scene.

‘We left the casualty at 3.29pm and arrived back at the lifeboat station at 3.50pm and had the Atlantic 85 ready for service at 4.20pm.’ said Hartlepool RNLI volunteer crewmember Andy Johnson.

Hartlepool RNLI Operations Manager Mike Craddy said ‘It is very important to respect the sea at all times and not to underestimate its power. Our volunteer crewmembers train regularly to be able to respond to all circumstances and without their expertise this incident could have had a very different outcome.’

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Hartlepool RNLI’s new Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat

•  Hartlepool lifeboat volunteer Atlantic 85 crewmembers to be supplied Sunday pm

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For more information please telephone Malcolm Wallis, RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer on 07538 006694 or malcolmwallis@sky.com or Alison Levett RNLI Media Relations Manager North on 07786 668912 or alison_levett@rnli.org.uk or contact RNLI Public Relations on 01202 336789


Byline: The RAF’s Red Arrows and the Falcons parachute display team have both said they will once again display their skills during Lifeboat Week in Lyme Regis.
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This year the week runs from July 18th to the 25th.  The Red Arrows will perform on July 20th and the RAF Falcons wil be dropping in on July 24th.

The week is organised by the Lyme Regis and Charmouth RNLI Guild, and acting chairman Irene Roper said:”We are absolutely delighted that the Red Arrows and the Falcons are coming to Lyme Regis once again. At the moment we do not have a precise timetable but as soon as we do we will anounce details of arrival times for both events.”

Last year around 20,000 people watched the Red Arrows, and Lyme Regis Lifeboat Week raised more than £30,000 for the life saving charity.

This will be the 42nd Lifeboat Week in the town  and will include all the favourites such as the childrens’ crab fishing contest, bath tub race and tug ‘o war across the harbour mouth.