Byline: On the morning of February 25th, 2016 members of Ysgol Treferthyr’s School Council presented Criccieth Lifeboat Operations Manager, Peter Williams, with a cheque for £87.50.
Page Content: The money was raised by pupils during their annual Christmas Service.  Of the seven members of the School council, four are children of serving Lifeboat Helmsmen and Crewmembers, illustrating the close relationship between the station, school and wider community.  Members of the Lifeboat Station visit the school regularly to provide pupils with beach and sea safety information.
Following the presentation of the cheque, Peter Williams commented ‘The Station has always maintained a strong relationship with the staff and pupils at Ysgol Treferthyr.  As a coastal community, it is vital we provide our young people with the necessary information to enjoy the sea safely and responsibly and who knows, maybe in a few years we’ll see one or two volunteer to become Crewmembers themselves’.  
For further information, please contact Ifer Gwyn on 07554445316


Byline: The Royal National Lifeboat Institution is providing training and equipment to a fellow volunteer lifeboat service in Greece struggling to cope with the current European migration crisis.
Page Content: The lifeboat charity has agreed to donate a refurbished RNLI inshore lifeboat to the Hellenic Rescue Team (HRT), along with training and equipment to help local volunteers crew the boat on the island of Lesbos.

HRT provides a volunteer lifeboat rescue service in the narrow channels between Turkey and Greece, where hundreds of thousands of men, women and children have made the crossing over the past 12 months and hundreds are believed to have drowned.  HRT, like the RNLI, is a non-governmental search and rescue organisation funded by public donations. It operates 31 branches throughout Greece and is served by a dedicated volunteer team of over 2,000 people.

These volunteers are being overwhelmed by the demands of the current crisis in the Mediterranean and have asked for assistance from other search and rescue organisations.  The unprecedented influx of people in unsafe craft along with worsening winter conditions means there is a very real risk to the HRT volunteers’ own lives every time they launch.

The RNLI is giving a refurbished Atlantic 75 lifeboat to the HRT. A four-person RNLI team went out with the boat in the first week of February to train the HRT volunteer crew in Lesbos.

Simon Ling, who headed up the RNLI team in Greece, said: “We are supporting our search and rescue colleagues in Greece by sharing our expertise in order to help them provide a sustainable lifeboat service in extremely challenging conditions.

“HRT volunteers have been doing incredible work in extremely testing conditions but they are facing an overwhelming task and we want to help. Our team will train their volunteers in handling the lifeboat, as well as developing sea survival, lifeguarding and mechanical training skills.

“Our aim is to make HRT as self-sufficient as possible – to that end, are also working to provide local suppliers with engineering drawings to allow them to create covers and other accessories for the lifeboat.”

In addition to the boat, the RNLI has provided 40 sets of personal protective equipment, including drysuits, helmets and lifejackets. The charity will be monitoring the ongoing situation in Greece and maintaining a relationship with the HRT over the coming months, as it is anticipated that the demands on their service will increase and this may require further support from the RNLI.

Giorgos Kalogeropoulos, Hellenic Rescue Team President, said: “What is currently happening in the Aegean Sea is extraordinary and certainly beyond Hellenic Rescue Team’s operational capacity. Striving to encounter that crisis, we have requested RNLI’s support, and they have responded immediately. We are really thankful to RNLI for the provision of rescue equipment and training programs which will assist HRT significantly, improve our operational capability in the area and, therefore, work more effectively towards our common goal: to save more lives at sea.”

The aid initiative will see the RNLI joining forces with other European maritime search and rescue services from Germany and Sweden who have agreed to help HRT under the coordination of the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF).

The IMRF is the international charity that works with SAR organisations to prevent loss of life in the world’s waters.

The lifeboat being donated was in the RNLI relief fleet and coming to the end of its planned operational life, so was due to be decommissioned. The RNLI has refurbished it so it can continue as an operational craft and the charity will continue to liaise with HRT in order to make sure the boat operates well in its new home.

The total value of the training package is likely to be around £100,000, and this is being funded as part of the RNLI’s international work, which is covered by funds donated specifically for international projects, and by a small proportion of the money the charity makes on its investments. It has no impact on the charity’s work in the UK and Ireland. The RNLI will not be operating the lifeboat in Greece or providing lifeboat crew – that will be HRT’s responsibility.

James Vaughan, International Director at the RNLI, said: “I’m really pleased that we can join forces with other European rescue organisations to help out our fellow volunteers in Hellenic Rescue who are working round the clock in desperate conditions trying to handle this drowning crisis.

“The RNLI’s expertise has been built up over nearly 200 years and we have has a proud history of helping others in the international lifesaving community by sharing our knowledge and experience, to help them improve their services and tackle drowning. Our international strategy has always been to grow the capacity and capability of overseas organisations like HRT – so providing them with a boat, safety equipment and training in order that they can provide a sustainable and ‘home grown’ service is exactly what we aim to achieve.”

He added: “While many think of the RNLI as a quintessentially British or Irish charity, we have been running lifesaving programmes abroad for many years. Currently we have programmes running in Bangladesh, Tanzania and Ghana where we are helping to grow the capacity of local organisations to reduce drowning through prevention and rescue initiatives.”

Notes to Editors

• Photos and videos available
• For more information, contact the RNLI Press Office on 01202 336789/ pressoffice@rnli.org.uk


Byline: Angle RNLI’s all weather lifeboat was launched on Sunday night (February 21) to assist Dyfed-Powys Police in the search for a missing person, possibly in a state of distress in the Cleddau Bridge area.
Page Content: Also tasked to assist were Coastguard teams from St Govan’s, Dale and Broad Haven.

Once on the scene at 7.51pm, the Tamar class lifeboat Mark Mason started a search from Brunel Quay, Neyland, up river toward Rudders Boatyard.

Ten minutes into the lifeboat’s search, it was confirmed that the casualty had been found safe and well ashore by the land teams. The lifeboat was stood down at 8pm and returned to her station.

Note to editors

The picture shows Angle RNLI’s all weather Tamar class lifeboat Mark Mason.
Photo: Angle RNLI.

RNLI media contacts

For more information please telephone Ted Goddard, RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer, Angle, on 01437 763675 or Danielle Rush, Public Relations Manager (Wales & the West) on 07786668829 or 01745585162 or by email: danielle_rush@rnli.org.uk or RNLI Public Relations on 01202336789


Byline: British actress Holliday Grainger last night (Wednesday 17 February) met RNLI volunteer lifeboat crew from around the coast for the UK Gala screening of Disney’s latest action film The Finest Hours.
Page Content: Volunteers Jade Cohen, Rudi Barman and Craig Burnett from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) were invited to swap lifeboats for the limelight as they shared the red carpet with the star from the high-action movie last night, at the Ham Yard Hotel, London.

The film tells the incredible true story of the heroic 1952 Pendleton rescue mission carried out by the US Coast Guard which is still regarded as one of the greatest sea rescues of all time.

Owing to the long and close relationship that the RNLI holds with the US Coast Guard, Disney approached the RNLI to support promotion of the film in the run up to its UK and Irish release, while helping to raise awareness of the charity’s lifesaving work.

Jade Cohen, volunteer lifeboat crew member from Brighton RNLI said: ‘It was great to see such strong parallels between the bravery, selflessness and community spirit shown by the characters in the film which is mirrored by RNLI lifeboat crew all around the UK and Ireland.’

‘It’s not unusual for me to be woken up by my pager on a normal week night, so an evening of glitz and glamour was a nice change. On the morning of the screening I had been on an emergency launch but luckily still had time to get up to London and walk out on to the red carpet with Holliday.’

In 2015, RNLI lifeboat crews, who are on-call 24/7, 365 days a year, launched 8,228 times rescuing 7,973 people and saved 348 lives. RNLI’s Respect the Water film Breathe was trailered prior to the movie starting which showed the audience the importance of staying safe in UK and Irish waters.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution has been operating since 1824 and has continually shared expertise, advice and training knowledge with the US Coast Guard for over 100 years.

The Finest Hours will open in UK and Irish cinemas, tomorrow, February 19.
Watch the trailer here: https://youtu.be/-I2RlKoZZ4A

Notes to editors

Based on an extraordinary true story, The Finest Hours is the unique re-telling of what is still regarded as one of the greatest sea rescues of all time. Presented in IMAX® audiences will be immersed into the heart of the gripping action creating a fully-immersive cinematic experience on an epic scale. The Finest Hours showcases an unparalleled act of true heroism that proves it’s moments of selflessness, courage and hope that make us all human.

The film is directed by Craig Gillespie and stars Chris Pine; Academy Award® and Golden Globe® nominee Casey Affleck; Ben Foster; Holliday Grainger; John Ortiz; and Eric Bana. Produced by Jim Whitaker and Dorothy Aufiero, the screenplay is by Oscar® nominee Scott Silver and Oscar nominees Paul Tamasy & Eric Johnson based on the acclaimed non-fiction book of the same name by Michael J. Tougias and Casey Sherman. Doug Merrifield serves as executive producer. The Finest Hours storms into UK cinemas on February 19th 2016 in Digital 3D™ and IMAX® 3D.

The US Coast Guard and RNLI are both a part of the International Maritime Rescue Federation, the international charity focused on preventing loss of life in waters around the world.

Disney Contacts:

• Lauren Sizer, Walt Disney Studios Publicity, lauren.sizer@disney.com / 02082222580

RNLI Contacts
• Sophie Coller-Nielsen, RNLI Press Officer, Sophie_coller-nielsen@rnli.org.uk / 07785296252

• Joana Dey, Public Relations Officer (Campaigns), Joanna_dey@rnli.org.uk  / 07760451877


Byline: Margate RNLI lifeboat station recently hosted SOS Radio Week operated by the Hilderstone Amateur Radio Club with a reminder that no fewer than five of the station’s personnel are amateur radio license holders.
Page Content: Over 30 lifeboat stations participated in the event aimed at raising both awareness of the RNLI’s work and funds for the life-saving charity. Special Event Stations attract contacts from amateurs and listeners who can claim certificates for stations worked and collect contact cards to commemorate the event. Additionally the public are invited to see the amateur radio station at work and even have a go for themselves.

This was the second year Margate hosted Hilderstone Amateur Radio Club and Ian Lowe, club events officer and also a Deputy Launching Authority played a large part in organising the event. Over the week 486 unique contacts were made with amateur radio station across UK and into mainland Europe with 18 countries contacted.

Margate lifeboat station has a particular connection with the world of amateur radio with five of the station’s team being licence holders. As well as Ian, the others are: Paul Hodson (Lifeboat Operations Manager), Peter Barker (Deputy Launching Authority and Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer), Nick Smith (Deputy Launching Authority and Station Archivist) and Toby George (lifeboat crew member). Toby has recently completed his Foundation Licence course on his way to gaining his Intermediate License.

Photo: Margate lifeboat crew amateur radio license holders, left to right; Nick Smith, Ian Lowe, Paul Hodson, Peter Barker, Toby George (behind).

Notes to editors
• Margate lifeboat station has been operating since 1860. To learn more about the lifeboat station go to www.rnli.org.uk/margate

RNLI media contacts
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Byline: On the 9 February St Bees RNLI volunteer treasurer Donald Brownrigg was presented with the RNLI statuette.
Page Content:

As a member of Egremont Rotary Club Donald was part of the fundraising team that helped to raise the money needed to establish a lifeboat station in the village in 1970.

Donald remained on the lifeboat committee and a few years later was asked to take on the role of treasurer, after the death of Joy Morris M.B.E.
Donald continues to enjoy his role with St Bees RNLI helping his fellow volunteers with the fundraising that enables the RNLI to reduce preventable loss of live at sea.

RNLI Media contacts
For more information please telephone Colin Wadey, RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer on 07742207222 or email St-Bees@rnli.org.uk



Byline: Margate RNLI’s inshore lifeboat rescued a lone sports fisherman today (Wednesday 10 February) after he spent the night at sea and became stranded on rocks off Margate.
Page Content: The man and his 14ft angling dinghy were seen to be experiencing difficulties on the rocks in front of the lifeboat station by a member of the lifeboat’s crew. The inshore lifeboat was launched to assist him and after being towed clear of the rocks by the lifeboat the dinghy was taken to the safety of Margate harbour. As the occupant was showing signs of hypothermia he was handed over to the care of South East Coast Ambulance Service.

It transpired that he had obtained the boat the previous day and along with another man had set out for Herne Bay that evening. The second person is understood to have left the boat at Westgate-on-Sea during the evening and after the boat’s outboard engine experienced problems, the remaining occupant spent the night both drifting and trying to anchor off the north Kent coast. His plight was seen the following morning some 15 hours after setting out when he found himself on the rocks.

Notes to editors
• Margate lifeboat station has been operating since 1860. To learn more about the lifeboat station go to www.rnli.org.uk/margate

RNLI media contacts
• Peter Barker, RNLI Margate Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer
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RNLI online: For more information on the RNLI please visit www.rnli.org.uk. News releases and other media resources, including RSS feeds, downloadable photos and video, are available at the RNLI Press Centre


Byline: The sheerness lifeboat crews have been called a total of 81 times in the last year and have rescued a total of 93 persons from a variety of situations
Page Content:

The RNLI have released
details of the number of incidents attended by the crews of all 237 lifeboat
stations in the country for the last year.

Collectively the nine Kent
lifeboat stations attended 400 incidents with the Sheerness boats being one the
busiest in the whole of Southern England.

Sheerness Lifeboat coxswain
Robin Castle said: ‘Sheerness lifeboat station at present operates with a crew
of 20 who apart from myself (coxswain/mechanic) are all volunteers who go about
their daily lives as normal but are ready to drop everything when their pagers
go off, leaving their work and families behind to answer another call for help.

2015 was once again a busy
year for the Sheerness crews when we dealt with a variety of incidents
including rescuing vulnerable people, vessels running aground, engine failures,
craft in trouble due to adverse weather etc.

I would like to take this
opportunity to give a timely reminder to all those who go out or are intending
to go out on the water, for whatever reason, to make sure they have the correct
safety equipment on board and to leave details as to where they will be going
and what time they are likely to return. Before setting out please check the
weather reports and make sure your craft is in good and seaworthy condition.
More information can be found on the RNLI website’

Sheerness lifeboat is looking
to recruit more crew members, male or female, particularly anybody who can be
available during daytime working hours. We are also looking for more volunteer
helpers for fundraising, emptying collection boxes, hosting coffee mornings
etc.If you would like to become involved with this great organisation in any
way and need more details of what we require please do not hesitate to contact
the station on 01795 664868 or email




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