May 31


Byline: Kessock lifeboat volunteers received a vital donation earlier this week when they accepted a cheque for £2,500 from local businessman Blair Smith after a fundraising car wash held in memory of missing Black Isle fisherman, Craig Reid.
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Craig was lost overboard the Avoch registered fishing boat Apollo on 18 April while it was fishing 20 miles north west of Orkney.
Stromness lifeboat was launched to start searching for Craig, but was turned back after they encountered very rough seas and high winds.
When he was home from the fishing Craig would sometimes work for Blair, owner of Highland Premier Valet. Talking about why he decided to hold the car wash Blair said ‘Craig was hugely liked, a hard worker and a genuinely nice guy. There isn’t anyone I know who didn’t like him. Craig came to me to offer his help washing cars, so giving something back to the family was the least I could do’.
Customers were asked for a donation to get their car washed on Saturday 21 May at the Inverness Caledonian Thistle Football Club car park.
Speaking about receiving the donation on behalf of the RNLI, volunteer Helmsman Stan MacRae said ‘Donations like this are vital for the RNLI. As a charity, the RNLI relies entirely on fundraising and public donations to stay afloat. This significant amount of money is enough to train a volunteer crew member at Kessock for a year and provide them with a significant amount of their vital safety kit. I want to thank Blair and the Reid family for this very generous donation’.
Since he was lost overboard, Craig’s family and friends have done several fundraising events to help organisations that support family of fishermen lost at sea.
Speaking about the RNLI, Craig’s fiancé, Laura Johnson said ‘The RNLI is always there when you need them. It’s not often that the RNLI have to turn back from a shout, but as a charity they need all the help they can get and so anything we can do to help them is our way of saying thank you’
Craig Reid’s brother, Stevie added ‘On behalf of all the family we want to thank the RNLI, in particular the Stromness crew for what they do and for all the support we’ve received over the past few months’.
In 2015 RNLI lifeboats in Scotland launched 17 times in winds in excess of force 7 (38mph)
Notes to Editors
Attached pictures show RNLI Kessock volunteers receiving a cheque for £2,500 in memory in missing fisherman Craig Reid. Credit: RNLI/Dan Holland
Picture 1 shows: Back row L to R Jon Ashburner, Stevie Reid, Laura Johnson. Front row L to R Rob Bashford, Blair Smith, Stan MacRae
Picture 2 shows: Back row L to R Jon Ashburner, Blair Smith, Rob Bashford. Front row L to R Stevie Reid, Laura Johnson, Stan MacRae.
Picture 3 shows: L to R Blair Smith, Jon Ashburner, Stevie Reid, Laura Johnson, Stan MacRae, Rob Bashford.
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May 31


Byline: The last day of the bank holiday weekend turned out to be the busiest day of the year so far for the volunteer crew of Eastbourne Lifeboats with both boats being launched a total of five times.
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Following an early morning start when both boats were launched in response to a report that a car had been driven over the cliffs at Beachy Head (see previous news release), Eastbourne all-weather lifeboat launched again at 2.00pm to assist a 10m yacht which had become entangled in fishing gear in the approaches to Sovereign Harbour. Crewman Dean Parker was transferred to the casualty vessel and together with the yacht’s skipper managed to free the obstruction. The yacht was then able to enter the marina under its own power.


Concerns were raised later in the evening for a lone yachtsman who was attempting to reach harbour but had become confused and disorientated. Reports indicated that he had been at sea since 5am and it was feared exhaustion was taking its toll. Initially Eastbourne inshore lifeboat (ILB) was launched to assess the yachtsman’s condition and guide him to the safety of Sovereign Harbour. Once contact had been made it became clear that additional assistance was required, volunteer crewman Dean Parker was again transferred to the casualty vessel and took the helm in what was becoming challenging conditions whilst the ILB stood by. Meanwhile the crew of Eastbourne’s all-weather lifeboat (ALB), including the station’s doctor, were making ready to launch. The powerful ALB was soon on scene and Dr Stephen Lytton and Coxswain Mark Sawyer transferred to take control of the yacht and attend the skipper. Once in the safety of the marina the skipper was taken ashore for further assessment and his vessel secured by the volunteer lifeboat crew.    

May 30


Byline: Margate’s two RNLI lifeboats have been busy answering calls for a missing person and eight people cut off by the tide.
Page Content: The first call came shortly before 7pm last night (Sunday 29 May) when Kent Police asked for assistance in locating a vulnerable missing person thought to be in the Palm Bay area of Cliftonville. With a strong onshore wind and moderate sea conditions both the all-weather and inshore lifeboats were tasked to assist coastguards from Margate and Herne Bay in a shoreline search.


Shortly afterwards the missing person was found safe ashore and the search called off. Before the inshore lifeboat was able to return however, coastguards received a report of a group of eight people cut off by the tide at Botany Bay and the lifeboat was re-tasked to investigate.


The group were sighted in a small bay and two of the lifeboat’s crew swam ashore and established that the group was cut off but were otherwise safe and well. The falling tide exposed a safe route around a headland and the lifeboat crew escorted the group into Botany Bay itself where coastguard teams led them to safety via a steep but usable cliff path.


Ian Lowe, deputy launching authority, Margate lifeboat said: “A strong north-easterly wind and marginal sea state made this a tricky operation for the lifeboat crew. We urge people not to attempt to wade or swim around headlands to reach safety. Often it means just sitting it out and awaiting the tide to recede but on all occasions people should dial 999 and ask the coastguard for advice.”


Footnote: Each Friday, ‘RNLI Margate Lifeboat’ will be publishing high and low tide times at Margate for the weekend on their Facebook page.





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May 30


Byline: A five metre fishing vessel, which suffered engine failure off Skomer Island on Saturday (May 28), was towed to safety by Angle RNLI’s all weather lifeboat.
Page Content: The Tamar class lifeboat Mark Mason was launched at 11.47 am and reached the fishing vessel, which had two people on board, in 25 minutes.

The casualty was half-a-mile south of Skomer. Two nearby vessels, which had responded to the initial call for assistance, were released to continue with their day’s fishing.

The lifeboat established a tow and the fishing vessel was taken up the Milford Haven Waterway to Burton Ferry. There, a local speedboat offered to tow the casualty alongside the pontoon.

With the casualty safely berthed, the lifeboat was released to return to her station, where she was rehoused at 2.26pm.

Note to editors

The picture shows Angle RNLI’s all weather lifeboat heading for Burton Ferry, with the fishing vessel in tow.
Photo: Dave Barrett/RNLI Angle.

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May 30


Byline: Both Eastbourne RNLI Lifeboats were launched early this morning (30th May) along with local Coastguard cliff rescue units and rescue helicopter 163 following a report that a car had gone over the cliffs at Beachy Head
Page Content: Dover Coastguard received the initial call via mobile phone from two people aboard a small rowing dinghy who observed the wreck of a car beneath the cliffs at Beachy Head. Fearing that people may have surviced the fall and were trapped inside, a full search and rescue scenario was initiated. Whilst the other rescue services were searching between Holywell and Birling Gap, Eastbourne all-weather lifeboat located the first informants, who were still in the area, to obtain more information. Futher questioning revealed that they hadn't actually seen the vehicle fall from the cliffs but had simply reported the vehicle on the beach. Having established the exact location of the wreck, confirmed by the first informants, the volunteer crew of Eastbourne inshore lifeboat went ashore to investigate. They were able to confirm that the wreck was from a previous incident and had been on the beach for some time. The rescue services were stood down with thanks from Dover Coastguard, the incident being logged as a false alarm with good intent.

May 29


Byline: On Sunday May 29th, 2016 volunteer crewmembers from Criccieth’s RNLI Lifeboat Station were tasked to attend two incidents in one day.
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The day’s first call occurred at 3.15pm when the crew were tasked by HM Coastguard to launch their Atlantic 85 lifeboat, Doris Joan, following reports of a child being swept offshore in an inflatable dinghy off Harlech beach.  Prior to the lifeboat’s arrival, a nearby speedboat had spotted the youngster and had taken him on-board and back to the safety of the beach.  The lifeboat stood-by to ensure all was well before returning to Criccieth.

The lifeboat’s second launch was at 6.20pm.  On this occasion it was to a broken-down speedboat and jet-ski near Mochras.  As the lifeboat launched, it became apparent that a third vessel, another jet-ski, was attempting to tow both vessels back toward Black Rock Sands.  On-scene the crew decided that the lifeboat was to tow both vessels ashore, whilst escorting the third vessel.  Six occupants were bought aboard the lifeboat – including two teenage children.  Although unhurt, they we’re feeling the effects of cold out at sea.


For further information, please call Ifer Gwyn on 07554445316


May 29


Byline: The crew was paged at 5.25pm on Saturday 28 May to assist Rhyl coastguards trying to refloat an 18-foot speedboat which had gone aground at Talacre, about five miles east of the boathouse. There were two adults, one child and a dog on board.
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The inshore lifeboat arrived first to assist local Rhyl coastguards already on site. The All-weather lifeboat was also launched, should a stronger pull be required to get the boat back in to deeper water. Two long lines were tied together to get a long tow from the casualty to the inshore boat, so there was sufficient water under the lifeboat to start the pull.
With the coastguard volunteers pushing, and the inshore boat pulling, the vessel was successfully returned to deeper water, where the All-weather lifeboat took over the tow back to Rhyl, from where the vessel had been launched. The occupants of the craft were returned by road to Rhyl in the coastguard vehicle, and the casualty vessel was returned to it's launching trailer on the beach at the lifeboat station. Had the vessel not been refloated, it could have drifted into the busy Mostyn channel and been a hazard to shipping, and would have meant the lifeboat re-launching at 3 am the next morning. The lifeboats were back at station at 8.25pm.

Coxswain Martin Jones says " This was a great effort between the local coastguards and my volunteer crew to bring about a successful re-floating and recovery of the casualty"

Pictures taken by Paul Frost MBE. Copyright RNLI.

May 29


Byline: It was the birthday present of a lifetime for Eden Russell when she won the competition.
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Eden Russell was eight on Thursday and then two days later actress Katrina Bryan picked Eden’s entry to name a new boat at Anstruther.

Eden, a primary three pupil at Kirkton of Largo Primary School, chose the name Akira for Anstruther’s new D class lifeboat which arrives later this year.

The delighted girl said, ‘We went on holiday to the Isle of Skye and I was asking my parents what the Gaelic names meant. I asked about Akira and was told it meant anchor.’

Eden and her proud parents Grant and Angela were at a prize giving ceremony at Anstruther on Saturday in front of more than 100 people.

Katrina, who has starred in Taggart and Nina and the Neurons, told the crowd, ‘It was really hard to choose a winning name from so many great entries. Eden’s name of Akira was a winner because it had a lovely sound and a nautical meaning.’

Each class at the nine primary schools and one secondary school in the Anstruther area were tasked to come up with the best three suggestions of what to name the new boat. Guidelines for the competition included not to make reference to other boats and to avoid some of the superstitions that surround sea fairing communities.

After each class had selected the best contenders for the competition, a shortlist was then submitted to Katrina to choose the winning name and announce on the day.

Station coxswain Michael Bruce added, ‘The competition has helped our volunteer crews engage with children from the schools. We were absolutely delighted that Katrina not only attended the ceremony but took a great interest in our charity.’

Eden will be invited next year for the official naming ceremony of the D class lifeboat Akira.

Photos: Eden Russell is pictured with actress Katrina Bryan. Credit: RNLI/Richard Smith.

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May 28


Byline: At 10.20am on Saturday the 28th of May, 2016 volunteer crewmembers from Criccieth’s RNLI Lifeboat Station were requested to launch and assist a broken-down jet-ski.
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The crew launched their inshore rescue boat, Margret a Nantw, from the beach at Criccieth before bringing the stricken jet-ski and it’s riders ashore.  The jet-ski had broken down just offshore, near Criccieth Castle.  Both were from the Birmingham area.

Following the incident, Criccieth Lifeboat Operations Manager, Peter Williams stated ‘We expect the number of incidents involving jet-skis to increase over the summer, however I would like to remind the owners of such craft to ensure they are properly maintained and serviced – particularly if they have been stagnant over the winter months.  In addition, owners should ensure all riders have life-jackets and a means of communication should they require help’.    



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May 27


Byline: A major rescue operation, involving five RNLI lifeboats, a police vessel and a Coastguard rescue helicopter, was launched on Thursday evening (May 26), after a crew member was reported missing from an Irish Sea ferry.
Page Content: Angle RNLI’s all weather lifeboat was launched shortly after 5pm to search for the crewman, who was last seen on board the Irish Ferries’ Rosslare-Pembroke Dock ship, two miles to the east of Grassholm Island, off the Pembrokeshire coast.

The area between Linney Head and Grassholm Island was searched extensively, assisted by St David’s RNLI’s Tamar and Tyne class all weather lifeboats, the Little and Broad Haven RNLI inshore lifeboat, Dyed-Powys Police vessel Mike 66 and Coastguard rescue helicopter 187 from St Athan.

Angle RNLI’s inshore lifeboat was also launched, at 7.15pm, to assist and searched the Milford Haven Waterway.

The search was co-ordinated by Milford Haven Coastguard.

With no reported sightings, and with fading light, the search was called off shortly before 10pm.

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RNLI media contacts

For more information please telephone Ted Goddard, RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer, Angle, on 01437 763675 or Danielle Rush, Public Relations Manager (Wales & the West) on 07786668829 or 01745585162 or by email: or RNLI Public Relations on 01202336789