Byline: A dog has been rescued by Margate’s RNLI inshore lifeboat after becoming stranded on a groyne at Westgate-on-Sea.
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A member of the public contacted crew at the lifeboat station this morning (Sunday 31 July) reporting that a Labrador dog was stranded on a partially submerged concrete groyne at St Mildred’s Bay, Westgate-on-Sea. As well as concern for the dog there was also concern that the owner may attempt a rescue and escalate the degree of risk to all involved.
The inshore lifeboat was quickly on scene and in order not to panic the animal, a crewmember was put onto the groyne and waded along it to gain the dog’s confidence. It seemed to see the value in taking a liking to its new found friend and was quite happy to be transferred to the lifeboat. After a short ride it was reunited with its grateful owner and both were able to resume their Sunday morning walk.
Peter Barker, Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer Margate RNLI said: ‘It is not unusual for dogs to get into difficulties at sea while out for a walk. The owner was correct here not to attempt a rescue and await the arrival of the lifeboat. Often the owner can end up being the one in difficulties while the dog’s natural instinct sees it survive the drama.’
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  • Tim Ash, RNLI Public Relations Manager (London/East/South East) on 0207 6207426, 07785 296252
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  • For enquiries outside normal business hours, contact the RNLI duty press officer on 01202 336789


Byline: The crew at Rhyl lifeboat station had unexpected visitors to their station as they were preparing to leave to take part in Rhyl Festival Week carnival procession.
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Three ladies – Vera Skelly, Ivy Mark and Irene Roghers, – had been fundraising at various events at their place of residence at Gorwel Newydd, West Parade, Rhyl, over many months. The result was a generous donation of £420 which will go towards the maintenance of Rhyl station over the coming year. The cheque was accepted on behalf of the RNLI by Coxswain Martin Jones and watched by other volunteer crew members.

Martin Says “As a charity, we rely on the generous donations from the public. We are indebted to the ladies for their gift”

The attached picture shows Martin (Centre) flanked by two of the ladies, watched by crew members.


Byline: At 7.00pm on July 30th, 2016 volunteer crew members from Criccieth’s RNLI Lifeboat Station launched to assist a broken down yacht off Mochras Point.
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The 28 foot yacht named Noah’s Ark, with two persons on-board, had suffered engine failure en-route to Pwllheli.  The Station’s Atlantic 85-class Lifeboat, Doris Joan, established a tow with the stricken vessel.  The yacht was towed to within two miles of Pwllheli’s fairway buoy, where the lifeboat was met by Pwllheli’s all-weather RNLI lifeboat which took over the tow into the marina.


For further information, please contact Ifer Gwyn on 07554445316


Byline: Chris Hart who served for eight years as Chairwoman of the Alderney Branch of the Ladies Guild, has been awarded the prestigious RNLI Gold Badge Award.
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A presentation was held on Friday 22nd July 2016 at the Alderney Sailing Club, at this ceremony Chris Hart was presented the award in recognition of her valuable support of the lifeboat service. The award was presented by the President of the States of Alderney, Stuart Trought.  
Chris volunteered for the Alderney RNLI from 2008 until 2015, however her involvement with the RNLI started in Rugby in 1982 when she enthusiastically enlisted as a member of her local branch of the RNLI. In 2004 she moved to Alderney and within three months of her arrival joined the RNLI Ladies Guild, subsequently in 2008 Chris took over the role of Chairwoman.
With Chris at the helm the Guild has raised the huge total of £59,900.83 from their various fund raising activities between 2008 and 2014.
Additionally in 2008 Chris started raising plants from seeds in her small greenhouse and selling them at her front gate, with all proceeds being donated to the RNLI.  She sold these plants at various car boot sales, WI meetings and functions, and a number of Summer Fayres. By the end of 2014 she had singlehandedly raised £3,386.23 from plant sales alone.
In 2010 Chris was awarded the prestigious Silver Badge by the RNLI in recognition of her commitment and hard work.
At a leaving dinner on Tuesday 18th August 2015 the Ladies Guild bid farewell to Chris, who had decided to leave the island to be closer to her family.
Alderney RNLI Secretary Margaret Storer said:
“Chris has worked tirelessly over the last 33 years raising money on behalf of the RNLI and thoroughly deserves to receive this esteemed award.  All the Members and Volunteers of Alderney RNLI Ladies Guild are absolutely delighted to have been able to share this special occasion with her.”
She continued: “Chris you have been amazing. You have grown plants, sourced games, bought prizes galore, baked hundreds of cakes, devised quizzes – the list is endless. Your enthusiasm, drive and determination for all things RNLI is outstanding and we will miss you.”
Whilst presenting the Award to Chris at the presentation on Friday the President of the States of Alderney, Stuart Trought said:
 Since 2008 when Chris became Chairman of the Guild she wholeheartedly threw herself into fund raising and during the eight years as voluntary Chairwoman she worked extremely hard at keeping the RNLI in the forefront by her regular articles in the local press relating to all things RNLI.”
He continued:  “It is an honour to present Chris Hart with this prestigious RNLI Gold Badge Award.”
Notes to Editors
  • Image 01 – Chris Hart and her award – photo taken by Denise Martel
  • Image 02- Chris Hart and Stuart Trought – photo taken by Denise Martel
Media contacts
For more information please contact Joanna Parmentier, Assist Press Officer, Alderney RNLI, email. tel. 07911 723336


Byline: Margate’s RNLI inshore lifeboat has assisted a disabled jet-ski off the north Kent coast.
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The volunteer crew were about to start an evening’s training last night (Wednesday 27 July) when a member of the public came into the lifeboat station reporting that a jet-ski appeared to be broken down off the Winter Gardens. The occupant was reported to be in the water attempting to pull the jet-ski ashore.
The inshore lifeboat was quickly on scene and both the jet-ski and its owner were returned safely to the beach. The jet-skier was none the worse for wear after his adventure.
Ian Lowe, Deputy Launching Authority Margate Lifeboat said: ‘Always have means of attracting attention with you, ideally a marine VHF handset, a mobile phone in a waterproof bag or distress flares. If you break down never leave the craft, stay with it, remember it will be your best lifeboat until the real one arrives’.
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Byline: Copy of RNLI code of conduct policy
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1. Purpose

To provide a Code of Conduct which must be followed wherever possible by the RNLI and its volunteers.  It is not an exhaustive list, but is aimed at providing a statement of hopes and expectations from both volunteers and the RNLI.

2. Scope

2.1 Who does this policy apply to?

All persons engaged in volunteering for the RNLI.

2.2. Who uses this policy?

Any staff or volunteers who manage other volunteers. 

2.3 Policies linked to this policy

Whilst the principles of this policy apply to all RNLI volunteers, a more detailed version applies to all operational volunteers at lifeboat stations (Volunteer Code of Conduct for Operational Volunteers at Lifeboat Stations).

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Regulations of the RNLI and other supplementary publications.

3. Code of Conduct

At the heart of our policies is the ‘Volunteer Commitment’, which is a statement of hopes and expectations owed both ways.  This statement outlines the spirit in which the RNLI and volunteers will act together to achieve the RNLI’s objectives.

This commitment applies equally to our lifeboat crews, volunteer lifeguards, fundraising and communication volunteers and Sea Safety volunteers.

The Volunteer Commitment can be found in Appendix 1

Staff have their own detailed and separate Code of Conduct Policy.

Volunteers must

• Have read and be familiar with the content of the Volunteer Welcome leaflet and be aware of the Volunteer Commitment.

• Carry out their volunteer role activities with due care and diligence.

• Follow all reasonable requests by staff who support and manage their volunteer role activities.

• Act within the law.

• Maintain the trust and confidence and uphold the reputation of the RNLI at all times.

• Be aware of health and safety notices and their meaning, seeking clarification if necessary.

• Immediately report all injuries and accidents occurring whilst volunteering for the RNLI.

• Report any loss or damage to personal or RNLI property to their supporting staff.

• Wear any protective clothing/equipment provided to them for their volunteer role and comply with any health and safety rules in force.

• Respect, maintain and care for any property belonging to or paid for by the RNLI.

• Return all property belonging to the RNLI on or before the last date of their volunteering.

• Comply with the RNLI’s no smoking policy when on RNLI owned property.

• Only bring pets or children to the volunteer activities when specifically authorised by the support member of staff.

• Be courteous towards others.

Volunteers must not

• Act outside the spirit of the Volunteer Commitment.

• Participate in any form of inappropriate behaviour or activity when volunteering or act in a any way that brings the RNLI into disrepute.

• Bully, harass or unlawfully discriminate against anyone.

• Falsify records, expenses or defraud or attempt to defraud the RNLI in any manner.

• Carry out volunteer duties when in an unfit state due to the influence of alcohol, or other drugs or substances.

• Be in possession of firearms or any offensive weapon whilst undertaking volunteer activities.

• Carry out private trading on RNLI premises or use the RNLI ‘brand’ or equipment to promote private trading.

4. Serious Breach

Serious breaches of the Code of Conduct and the Volunteer Commitment will be handled using the Volunteer Problem Solving policy.

5. Responsibility

All staff and volunteers referred to within the scope of this policy are required to be familiar with the terms of this policy.

Individual volunteers, staff members and managers are required to keep within the spirit and intent of the policy, as far as possible in their own area.  Any queries on the application or interpretation of this policy must be discussed first with the supporting staff member or the senior responsible manager in the area concerned. 

5.1 Who can change or adapt this policy?

The HR department has the responsibility for ensuring the maintenance, regular review and updating of this policy.  Revisions, amendments or alterations to the policy and supporting appendices can only be implemented following consideration and approval by the HR management team.

Signed _____________________________________

Name (Print) ________________________________



Byline: A 7.9 metre yacht, with mechanical issues and making little headway due to the wind, off St Govan’s Head, was towed to safety by Angle RNLI’s all weather lifeboat on Saturday night (July 23).
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The yacht, with two people on board, was on passage from Swansea to Milford.

It was the fifth call-out in six days for the Tamar class lifeboat Mark Mason, which was launched at 7.28pm and reached the casualty in 24 minutes.

Once on scene a tow was rigged and a course was set for Milford Docks, arriving at 9.32pm. The tow was let go and the yacht made her own way into the marina.

The lifeboat was released to return to her station, where she was rehoused at 10pm.

Note to editors
The photo shows Angle RNLI’s Tamar class all weather lifeboat Mark Mason being launched.
Photo: Nick Leach, RNLI.

RNLI media contacts
For more information please telephone Ted Goddard, RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer, Angle, on 01437 763675 or Danielle Rush, Public Relations Manager (Wales & the West) on 07786668829 or 01745585162 or by email: or RNLI Public Relations on 01202336789


Byline: Margate’s RNLI inshore lifeboat has had a busy weekend responding to three calls and five incidents heralding the start of the peak of the summer season.
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On Saturday (23 July) the inshore lifeboat was tasked to recover an abandoned kayak off Minnis Bay Birchington (see news release 17.2016 dated 23 July). The volunteer crew was called into action again yesterday afternoon (Sunday 24 July) being tasked twice and responding to four incidents.
The first call was after coastguards received a mobile phone call from the two occupants of an inflatable dinghy in difficulties around one mile off West Bay Westgate-on-Sea. The dinghy was being blown seawards by a fresh south westerly wind, and with no oars they were unable to make headway. They were quickly located by the lifeboat and landed back safe ashore at West Bay.
Less than an hour later the lifeboat was tasked again to assist RNLI lifeguards in the search for a missing child on Margate’s Marine Sands. This quickly developed into a search for a second missing child, fortunately both children were found safe ashore. While returning to station the lifeboat gave assistance to a second inflatable dinghy being blown seawards off Margate. The dinghy and its three occupants were landed ashore at Margate.
Nick Smith, Deputy Launching Authority Margate Lifeboat said: ‘The start of the school holidays coinciding with a spell of fine weather has resulted in a busy weekend for our volunteer crews. We urge everyone to take great care, seek local knowledge advice from RNLI lifeguards and lifeboat crews and be aware of strong offshore winds, don’t make an enjoyable day out end in tragedy.’
RNLI media contacts
·         For enquiries outside normal business hours, contact the RNLI duty press officer on 01202 336789


Byline: The weather holds for some exciting races and fun in front of a very large crowd. And a lifeboat callout at the end of the event.
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This year’s annual Rhyl RNLI harbour raft race has been applauded by the holidaymakers and townsfolk of Rhyl in North Wales as a great spectacle and a very successful community major event in the calendar.
The day started overcast, but the forecast rain decided to stop before the races began, and ensured that many hundreds of spectators were treated to thrills and spills (and a bit of cheating!).

Before the racing began, the crowd was entertained with a spectacular display of jetski acrobatics by Dan Rowan of DJR Jetski displays, and throughout the day, a rib ride kindly undertaken by Richie Williams of Seawake rib rides of Anglesey, took visitors and locals alike around the harbour and river entrance, with all profits going to the RNLI.

The races consisted of two heats of up to ten rafts, either custom- or home-made, and the best of the two heats went forward to the final. Rhyl RNLI lifeboat team managed to make the final, but were then disqualified after the last race, as it was discovered they had secreted a small electric outboard motor on to their raft! (This was all pre-planned and added to the fun of the day, and to give other rafters a chance to win more prizes).

 As well as water-borne  attractions, there were various stalls including the popular Festival Seafoods caravan (with long queues); various side stalls; the RNLI fundraisers from Rhyl and also RNLI face-to-face volunteers. Also present were a team from SUSTRANS Cymru, helping at the local harbour bike hub. The Harbour hub cafe also did a roaring trade, as well as the nearby Sunnyvale camp restaurant and bar.

The overall winners were Hearts FC with their “Mobile pitch” raft, and the prize for best fancy dress went to Fins Swim School. The “John Povah cup” was presented to the winners by Pam, John’s widow. It is only a month since John passed away, and was a poignant reminder of a truly great harbour character that was John.

The attached pictures are credit Paul Frost MBE, but many more can be found on facebook and twitter regarding the race, including some brilliant videos of the acrobatic jetski display.

The crowds were just leaving when Rhyl lifeboat had a report from Holyhead Coastguard that a man had entered the sea off Towyn to try to retrieve his dog. Both of the lifeboats proceeded at full speed to the area together with rhyl coastguard team, and were relieved to hear the man had safely recovered himslf and his dog just before the rescue units arrived. The lifeboats therefore returned to their station.

All-in-all, a very good day was had by everyone, and we are all certainly looking forward to next year’s event, the date of which is already settled and planning started.

Coxswain Martin Jones says “This community event goes from strength to strength each year. I would like to thank crew member David Clark and the rest of the crew for all their hard work”


Byline: Angle RNLI’s all weather lifeboat Mark Mason was alerted on Friday night (July 22), following a report of a vessel on fire off Hazelbeach in the Milford Haven Waterway.
Page Content: The Tamar class lifeboat was launched shortly before 9pm and while making best speed to the location, a local tug in the area reported that it could see no evidence of any vessel on fire.

The lifeboat reached the scene in 11 minutes and the Mid and West Wales Fire Service and Dyfed-Powys Police had also been alerted.

Further investigations revealed that a passing fishing boat was using a power washer on deck, and the spray of water looked like large amounts of smoke.

With all units satisfied that no assistance was needed, the lifeboat was released to return to her station, where she was rehoused at 10.12pm after her fourth call-out in five days.

Note to editors

The photo shows Angle RNLI’s Tamar class all weather lifeboat Mark Mason.
Photo: Nick Leach, RNLI.

RNLI media contacts
For more information please telephone Ted Goddard, RNLI Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer, Angle, on 01437 763675 or Danielle Rush, Public Relations Manager (Wales & the West) on 07786668829 or 01745585162 or by email: or RNLI Public Relations on 01202336789